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Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

The Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project (CCAP) is a central database of Chinese Canadian artifacts held in local archives and museums in British Columbia. This online ‘meta-database’ is being created to allow researchers and the public to search for and gain an overview of all related items in local museums from a single point of entry. The database is being constructed using AToM (Access To Memory), a web-based, open source application for standards-based archival description and access, developed by Artefactual in New Westminster. A number of museums we are working with in the ACVI project are also participating in the CCAP database.

Participating archives decide what items from their collections they would like to include in CCAP, and it is understood that different archives have widely differing cataloguing systems and are at very different stages in their cataloguing efforts. The CCAP project team can provide material and financial assistance in preparing data for upload into the CCAP AToM database, and participation in this process may prove useful to archives considering the adoption of a web-based archival database system. We hope CCAP will help to make archival materials more accessible to researchers and make the valuable service being performed by the many archives and museums throughout the province better known to the general public. CCAP was initiated and is headed by Dr. John Price of the Department of History at the University of Victoria, and includes participants from all over British Columbia. For further information contact:

Tusa Shea, PhD

Program Coordinator

tel: 250-721-6119