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Author page: Jennifer Seidel

Cowichan Lake Hotel Company

It is not known when the Chinese immigrated to Lake Cowichan however, early records show their arrival as early as 1909. The Chinese were contributors to building the railway, hotel and logging industry. The Cowichan Lake Hotel is an example of Chinese contributions to the Cowichan Valley community.On display at the Kaatza Station Museum there…

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Mayo Lumber Company

The Kaatza Station Museum: The Mayo Lumber Company I spent some time at the Kaatza Station Museum’s archives in Lake Cowichan. The Museum had insightful information about the local Mayo Lumber Company that highlighted its progressive hiring practices when it was formed in 1917. The Mayo Lumber Company was established by a group of Sikhs from…

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Kaatza Station Museum Visit

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit the Kaatza Station Museum and Archive in Lake Cowichan. In their collection, they had a wide range of photos and articles about Chinese, Indian and Japanese workers. However, their display "The Chinese ... a forgotten treasure" stood out to me. It holds a large gravestone with Chinese…

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