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Author page: Steven Davies

First Nations’ Languages and Territories of BC

There are over 203 First Nations communities in BC which form the main First Nations language groups. There are 6 main language families; Algonquian, Dene (Athabaskan), Wakashan, Salishan (Salish), Tsimshianic, and Language Isolates that are not related to any other (Ktunaxa and Xaad kil / Xaaydaa Kil). The First Peoples Cultural Council ( is an organization…

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Yat Tong and the Cement Plant at Tod Inlet

Times Colonist Article / September 6th, 2015 Our History- The Chinese Secrets of Tod Inlet An interesting excerpt from Tod Inlet: A Healing Place by Gwen Curry (Rocky Mountain Books 2015)' in the TC yesterday: And another article on the CRD website if you are interested in learning more about 'The Many Perspectives of Tod Inlet' including the…

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