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Rose Murakami at the Charcoal Kiln

Saltspring Island September, 2015 Charcoal Kiln
Saltspring Island, September, 2015
Charcoal Kiln

Saltspring Island Fieldtrip


It was a privilege to participate in this field trip and to meet people like Rose Murakami who experienced firsthand the internment of Japanese Canadians on Vancouver Island. Rose tells us her story about her family land on Saltspring Island and her family’s internment experience.

I completely understand what Wenjuan is talking about when she spoke about Rose’s forgiving smile, written in her earlier post “Ganbaru”. I too was impacted by Rose’s smile, integrity and willingness to share her stories with others. Rose stood with us in the rain to tell us the history of the Heiwa Gardens and the recently discovered Japanese charcoal kilns, built by Isaburo Tasaka. Ironically,  the kilns were found just steps away from the established memorial garden.

It was a humbling opportunity to have met someone like Rose Murakami who actually lived through these times. I will never forget her. Here is a lovely picture of Rose at the Kiln.