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Uncle Jack’s Cadillac has contemporary legacy –

Uncle Jack’s Story Continues into the Millennium

In 2009 the Pagoda building was sold to Gerald Hartwig, a local Victoria developer. I happened to be chatting with Gerald’s daughter, Stephanie, yesterday and mentioned that I had been doing some research on Uncle Jack and noticed that her dad had purchased the property. When she heard his name she lit up and proceeded to tell me this very unexpected thread of Uncle Jack’s story.

At the time of the sale, out back of the building, was the garage that housed Uncle Jack’s Cadillac. Gerald offered to buy the car and gave it to his daughter Stephanie to drive. “There I was” she said,” driving around town in Uncle Jack’s old Cadillac. What a cool old car. It was mint and so much fun to drive, but not very good on gas. I finally had to sell it and get something less expensive.”