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The Boat Journey

My grandpa, Karm Singh Manak, told me stories of his voyage to Canada aboard the SS Monteagle in 1921.  He told me how it took over 2 months to get from India to Vancouver.  The living quarters were not the quality of the Princess Cruise line!  The men would buy enough food supplies like flour for roti and lentils for dalh so that they could make food on the ship.  The ship was segregated into classes.  My grandpa always said he had nine lives like a cat and that one life was used up during his boat journey.  There was a huge storm and the waves were crashing over the rail.  Apparently, a chinese man grabbed my grandpa’s arm to save him from going overboard.  Lucky for him and for me:)

I would like to know more about the boat journey and conditions.  Did the Chinese and Indian passangers stay in the same area?  Where Japanese also present?  What rules for passengers around race did the steamship companies have if any?  During my research I found a boat ticket for Bishan Singh from 1927.  Holding it was like going back in time.  3rdclassbirthingcard