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LEE, Wu (Quadra Island)

LEE, Wu: A foreman at the Quathiaski Cove cannery on Quadra Island around 1911, he was part of a staff (permanent?) of 27 people. He oversaw sixteen other Chinese workers and earned $400 per year compared to $300 per year for the male crew. The Chinese crew lived in a building called ‘China House’ (really?) and to the south was a Laich-Kwi-Tach village. Women from the village worked in the cannery seasonally and men fished using hand lines—they were prevented by law from owning mechanized boats! Source: Jeanette Taylor, The Quadra Story, pp. 146-150. Also see photo in Campbell Bay Museum.

Follow up: Do archival materials exist for the cannery? Interviews? What were the wage scales for workers in the cannery? Were there case of inter-marriage? Can we find the Lee family lineage? Was Chief Assu involved in fishing, if so have interviews been done with him? Possible sources: Jeanette Taylor, Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, Campbell Bay Museum.